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Area 1

Escape Rooms

The Portal

A power surge has rolled through Area 1's Research Facility, putting us into lockdown.  To make matters worse, our lead researcher, Dr. Verdant, has vanished.


What we need is group of expendable contractors to come in and sort out our mess. Area 1 takes no responsibility for any extra-dimensional disturbances that may occur.

2 to 6 Players

Difficulty - Beginner

Story - High

Tech - Medium

Uneasiness - High

Contains loud noises, dark spaces, flashing lights, and mild

sci-fi horror themes

Home: Who Can Play?

Nuclear Enrichment

The power surge that rocked Area 1 must be investigated.


We need willing and expendable contractors to go into the dangerous reactor facility and wrestle control back from a disgruntled employee who has taken everything offline.

2 to 6 Players

Difficulty - Intermediate

Story - High

Tech - Very High

Silliness - Medium

Contains loud noises, flashing lights and light physical activity

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Story-driven escape rooms in a striking location

While Project Immersive is new, our team has years of experience in live entertainment, festivals, immersive theatre, escape rooms, games design and more.  

We pride ourselves in having dedicated story writers and world builders to really make our world feel seamless and alive.

Area 1: Escape Rooms are our first endeavor together. 


Everyone on our team has very high standards for entertainment, games and immersion.  We are striving to challenge ourselves to create something that we would find impressive.

Supported by Yeronga Paint Factory Artist Village

Our unique and incredible location is courtesy of the team at the Yeronga Paint Factory.

This old factory is being repurposed into an Artist's village and cultural hub.  The goal is to make the space welcoming to all folks interested in the arts. 

Currently, development proposals are in the public submission phase with the council.

This is an initiative that we are very proud to actively support, and be involved with.


Area 1, The Paint Factory

115 Hyde Road, Yeronga, QLD 4104

0411 055 918

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Sessions Available Wednesday to Sunday.
Check our booking page for further details.

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