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What have you said about us?

"We've played games all over the world, and Nuclear Enrichment is in my top 10 of all time!"

Sandra, played 342 escape rooms

"I always thought 'immersive' was one of those meaningless buzzwords.  But after playing The Portal, I get it now.  You're doing it right!"

Carol, played 7 escape rooms

"It genuinely felt more like a video game or a movie, than an escape room"

Emily, played 13 escape rooms

"I read the reviews saying it started in the car park and thought "Oh yeah, sure it does."  But no, the game actually started once we stepped out of the car.  Amazing!"

Don, played 9 escape rooms

"Those games were both amazing.  I wouldn't change anything."

Aaron, Owner of Next Level Escape

"I liked that you even decorated your air conditioner."

Agatha, played 2 escape rooms

"When we started playing, I was a bit nervous and distracted by all the flashing lights and sounds.  But everything felt like it really made sense.  I just followed the story, and suddenly we escaped!  I loved it."

Luke, his first escape room

"Wow... Umm... Just wow.  Give us a moment to process what we just experienced."

Lex, Manager of Quest Room

"We're from The Netherlands, and we've played The Dome.  That game that's won ALL the awards.  While your game isn't as good as theirs, there are things we think you do better than them.  All of your puzzles fit the world incredibly well and all felt like they should logically be there.  Well done."

Anna & Sem, played 102 games

"Project Immersive combines escape room fantasy with fantastic storytelling and gobsmacking set design, in a unique and incredible location"
Very Positive
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