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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a game where you an a team spend time in a themed room or space with the goal of solving puzzles and uncovering a story.

I've done Escape Rooms before, what does Project Immersive do differently?

We merge technology and theatrics into our games to enhance the immersive aspects of our game.  We want you feel a part of our world and our story.

Our first game (The Portal) has been described as "An adventure game that starts once you drive into the car park" instead of an Escape Room.  Our second game (Nuclear Enrichment) is one of the most technical games in Brisbane.

Our games are completely custom made with no props or gameplay that has been purchased from overseas. 


We are also located at the old abandoned Yeronga Paint Factory to really help you believe you're in our world.

Are your games suitable for children?

Any groups of children under the age of 14 must have an accompanying adult.

Our games are not designed for children.  They are ideally designed for ages 16 and up as they do contain dark spaces, loud noises, flashing lights and occasional adult themes.  You can compare them to an M 15+ movie.

However, we have had families with children come play, and the children have really enjoyed themselves with the safety and support of family around them. But we do leave this up to parental discretion.

Are your Escape Rooms disability accessable?

Unfortunately, due to our pop-up location at The Yeronga Paint Factory, there is a large flight of stairs, and no wheelchair access.

Our games do also include strobe lighting and loud noises.  However, hearing protection is offered in both games for players comfort.

We do have a goal in the future to build accessibility into our games.

Are there live actors in your Escape Rooms?

We do not have live actors in our Escape Rooms.

Our Games Masters are actors and will welcome you into our games as a character.  Our goal is to give you a 'creepy' and 'otherworldly' feeling while you are playing our games, but we do not want to jump scare you.

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